Scholarship Presentation

For information on how to apply to scholarships please view the following Youtube presentation:

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Scholarship Meeting

There is an informational scholarship meeting on Tuesday, February 13 during blocks two and five in the auditorium. You only need to attend one session.

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College is expensive.
Scholarships are essential for your financial well-being.

Scholarships should be part of your strategy to pay for college. Put in the work now to get them and it will pay off in the long run.

College tuition has outpaced inflation

College costs a lot more than it used to and tuition rate growth has likely outpaced the rate at which you could have saved money.

Parents aren't likely to have enough

Economic fluctuations impact everybody, including your parents. With the cost of tuition for some colleges rivaling that of a home mortgage and the added possibility that you may have siblings that also would like to attend college, it is very likely that your parents won't have the funds available to pay for your tuition.


Scholarships are an investment in our future through you

Our society benefits from skilled, well-informed workers. Your success is our success.

You deserve a break

You've spent long hours preparing assignments, polishing rough drafts, and cramming for tests. Scholarships recognize your hard work and efforts.

How This All Works

Here is the sky level view of how you can obtain local scholarships through Easton Area School District.

Login and Set up Profile

All scholarships rely on a common set of profile information that you will partly need to supply. We've done our best to make this easier for you by pre-filling your form with as much information as we have available. That being said, it will be up to you to validate how correct the information is.

Edit Profile Today
July 17

Search for Scholarships

We will be frequently adding new scholarships to the system. It will be your responsibility to search for scholarships that match your profile to apply for them. When you find one you are interested in, click the heart button to favorite it so you can apply to it later. Favorites will show up on your student dashboard when you first log in.

View Scholarships Tomorrow
July 18

Apply for Scholarships

Pay attention to those deadlines! Each scholarship that you want to apply for has a different deadline and may have unique criteria that you will need to meet. This may include writing out an essay or writing answers to a few questions as part of the application. Take your time and write to impress!

Apply for Scholarships In the Near Future
July 19 until scholarship deadlines

Applicant Review Process

Once you have submitted your application and the scholarship deadline passes, a review process of all applications will take place that is unique to each scholarship. From there the scholarship provider will choose the candidates that they find most-deserving.

After Scholarship Deadlines Pass

Easton Area School District Scholarships

We are here to help connect you with the financial aid you need to get a head start on your future.

Easton Area School District
1801 Bushkill Drive
Easton, PA 18040
P: (610) 250-2400

If you encounter any difficulties with the scholarship application website, please contact us at for support.

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